Naples Cay Real Estate – Check Out Listings For Vacation Condos

You have many great choices when you are looking for condos in Naples FL. Naples Cay Naples, Florida
is one of those developments that you might choose to take a look at for listings. Are you familiar with its location? These gulf coast condominiums are found between Park Shore and what’s known as Pelican Bay. Get to know more about this location from realtor sites maintain by Naples Florida Web Design.

What’s excellent about Naples Cay, too, is that it’s set on 33 acres. You’re talking about a nature preserve that is protected, and it just doesn’t get any better. A purchase of a condominium at this development comes with many great amenities. Do you like to play tennis? There are also several shops within walking distance, and you can easily make your way to the Philharmonic Center as well.

Are you familiar with Venetian Bay? That is where Shops at the Village is located. Imagine having access to all of those special activities and places of interest, while still being in a secluded village that allows you to enjoy peace and quiet. You’re certainly going to have quite a few neighbors, but you would think they are going to be as laid back as you are.

Are you going to vacation there and rent the property out through the rest of the year? You would think a condo in Naples Cay would make for a great investment. Of course, you want to see the price tag on one of the condos first. Is it time to check out property listings for this high rise building?

As for more of the amenities, there is are exercise rooms, saunas and so much more. You know you’re going to have access to multiple swimming pools, and there is always the beach for soaking up the sun. Visit Clam Bay, stop by the waterside shops, take in the views of the ocean, go sunbathing and more.

If you take a close look at Naples Cay, you’re also going to see that it’s not just about condos. There are all kinds of property investments to be made there. In fact, there are a total of 6 high rise buildings that comprise the community of Naples Cay. It reminds me of where I live in South Carolina.

It is essentially an enormous resort area on many acres of land. The resort where I live is not in the middle of a nature preserve. It is right in the middle of the city. My resort is more modest, but Naples Cay is a luxurious resort that features oceanfront property listings that would make anyone drool.

The grounds of the property are said to be meticulously landscaped, which is quite nice. You are looking out over the Gulf of Mexico, so you can imagine that the views are quite majestic. One source says that there are two type of condos offered there. Another source I was looking at seemed to say that there were more than just condos. It is kind of hard to tell without looking at the individual listings.

The one source does get a little more specific, saying that the two types of condo offerings are two bedroom and three bedroom condos. Each layout features two bathrooms, and the two bedroom condos come with dens, too. Now I see that this was the description for what’s called Wetshore. One of the other buildings at Naples Cay is called The Club, and both have the same offerings in terms of property listings.

Remember that there are six buildings. Keep that in mind as you start pulling up properties. The listings should say what buildings that they are in so that you know. Baypointe is another one of the buildings. According to listings for the condos in the building, Baypointe was built in 1996.

While it appears the condos are a little more than two decades old, it’s all about management of the properties vs. age of the buildings. I know that from living at a resort myself. These properties are built using the best materials, and if well cared for, they look brand new if consistently renovated throughout the years.

Take a look at property listings for Naples Cay to see what you think. Naples, in general, is a very popular city in Florida in which to live in and vacation. It can be a little pricey, but Florida, in general, can be a bit pricey. Hey, at least it’s not the west coast, right?

If you are looking at the best vacation condos as investments, perhaps you just found the right place. You still have to find the right listing at Naples Cay. With six buildings full of units, you would think you would be able to see a listing that matches what you’re looking for. Just wait until you show up at the nature preserve, check out your unit and gaze out at the Gulf of Mexico.

Plastic Expert


Plastic Expert is one of the UKs leading plastic recycling companies. We work with skip companies all over the UK to help divert plastic waste from landfill and pay for certain grades of scrap materials, these include:

            • Baled LDPE film (both clean and construction grade)

            • Mixed Rigid Plastic

            • PP sacks

            • uPVC door & window frames

            • Single stream plastics e.g. EPS (Polystyrene, ABS, Polycarbonate)

Dunmow Waste Management

Dunmow Waste Management
January 5th, 2016
Dunmow Waste Management
Chelmsford, Essex
Number of employees:

What is the history of the company? Who set it up, and when?
Dunmow Skip Hire was established in 1987 as a family-owned business. Managed by Steve Malins, it consisted of a single lorry and a handful of skips. In 2004 Sam (Steve’s Son) took over the day to day running of the business, and in 2009 Edward joined the business. Together, Sam and Edward have driven the business to ten times the size in six years. We have evolved into a dynamic waste management company, specialising in offering different waste management solutions to an extensive range of customers and industries.

Is there anyone in the business who deserves a special mention?
Our current team are fantastic and really care about our business. All of our employees work extremely hard and have helped us get to where we are today. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our drivers, as they are always out on the road and we don’t get to show our appreciation much. Thank you!

What services do you offer?
A lot! We have expanded our range as demanded by our customers to include, Skip Hire, Roll On Roll Off, Grab Hire, Waste Collection, Asbestos Collection and Bulk Artic Waste Collection to name a few. We have a fully licenced Hazardous Waste Transfer Station, so we can take pretty much anything!

What areas do you cover?
We are extremely lucky to be based in the heart of Essex. We cover most of Essex, some of Hertfordshire and London too.

What are the hardest things you face as a business?
The waste industry is a tough industry. As we grow, we are constantly tested by all aspects of the business. End disposal of recyclables is proving changing at the moment, with wood for example; gate fees depend on what time of the year and how much wood is in the market.

What are the best things about working there?
We have a great ethos, we look after our staff and empower them to make decisions and, ultimately, have fun whilst working. The whole company is hands-on, with everyone willing to chip in and help when needed.

What do you like best about the skip hire industry?
This is a common answer but never a truer description: No one day is the same in the skip hire and waste industry. That’s pretty much the same for all the departments in the business.

What do you like the least about the skip hire industry?
How we are seen by the public, a lot of people still think we tip their skip at landfill. The huge investment and scale of the logistics often goes unnoticed. This dictates the cost of a skip to ensure we recycle and recover as much as possible.

What one change would you make to the industry?
A dream would be for every skip operator to strictly enforce the level loaded skip rule. This would help our drivers stay safe and legal on the roads.

What skip company – other than your own – do you admire?
Reston Waste, they run a slick operation and Andy’s famous!

What is your relationship like with the other skip hire companies in your area?
Pretty good, as we are a reprocessor of residual waste from other transfer stations – we have a relationship with most other skip companies.

Has your company developed any new parts of the business in the past few years?
We purchased Kart A Way in 2012 and moved from our Dunmow depot to a five acre site in Chelmsford. This has allowed us to develop all the aspects of our business. We purchased a huge amount of equipment that enables us to be competitive and sustainable. Our trommel fines cleaning plant has been a key part of our success and growth over the last few years.

What makes your company stand out from your competition?
Our total dedication to customer satisfaction, our goal is to beat customers’ expectations of hiring a skip or one of our services – from the public to other waste companies.
Our branding! You literally can’t miss us! And we’ve just rebranded…